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Solution For All User Types

Sticky's innovative biometric platform makes it easy for marketers, agencies, market researchers, web designers, and other teams vested in successful media creation and campaigns to get fast feedback about real marketing campaigns and media.

Website Usability

Optimize messaging, CTAs, layout, and much more by knowing what real users see and don’t see, and what they read on your website.

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Eye Tracking SEEN™ (Heat) Map

There is a direct correlation between what is SEEN and what is acted upon. Sticky’s static and dynamic SEEN™ maps help users predict engagement and action without wasting valuable time and money on ineffective websites and campaigns.

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Ecommerce Evaluation

By understanding a shopper's visual journey on their path to purchase, Sticky's platform allows brands to determine ideal product placement, representation, and copy, resulting in massive brand lift and ROI.

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Seamless Survey Integration

With Sticky's survey tool, users can add custom survey questions to their eye tracking and emotion analytic studies in seconds.  If more advanced question types are required, Sticky easily integrates with top survey tools, including Confirmit, Qualtrics, Survey Gizmo, and many more.

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Survey Mac@2x

Video Emotion Analytics

Creating a viral video isn't easy. You're competing with kittens, puppies, babies and Pokemon! Well Sticky has a solution to your viral woes.

With Sticky's video emotion analytics, marketers, researchers and digital content creators have the power to know what their audiences feel and perceive when watching videos - helping crack the kitten code to virality. We've written an extensive whitepaper on the subject as well.

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Emotion Analytics for Video

90% of decisions are made subconsciously.  Sticky’s emotion analytics tool for video measures the micro expressions of viewers using the latest facial coding technologies.  Predict your video's skipability, branding impact, and brand likability from your audience's subconscious emotional reaction.

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Improve Advertising Performance

Did you know that even if an ad is viewable, it doesn’t mean it is actually seen?  A recent study concluded that almost 50% of viewable ads are never seen by end users.

Sticky goes beyond viewability to identify which ads are actually seen by real people on real websites to help you achieve a 25%-85% increase in ad campaign ROI.

Custom Audience Segmentation

Understanding your audience is paramount in predicting the success of your digital content. Through Sticky’s own Sticky Crowd of participants and its many partnerships with third party panel companies, we provide the appropriate audiences and segments to provide valuable and accurate insights.

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Package and Shelf Test

Test new package concepts in realistic virtual shelf environments against old designs and competitors before going to market. 

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Data Download for Custom Reporting

With the ability to download all of the results from Sticky’s platform, you’re given the flexibility to build custom reports for clients using excel sheets, images, and video files generated by the download option.

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