Improve Packaging Effectiveness

Stand out from the competition and win buyers with the right design. Your product’s packaging might be the only chance you get to speak to shoppers - make it work for you. 


Win at the shelf

Test your product’s visibility amongst the competition. We can show you how effectively it stands out, the level of consumer engagement it receives and if shoppers are motivated to buy it. We also look at how recognizable it is and if any design changes help or hinder the package’s visual equity.


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Clever design can earn you more attention than the placement average!

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Convert to buyers

This test examines your design in isolation. It looks at key elements of your package and measures how long consumers spend visually engaging with them. Then we go deeper and ask how the features are perceived; delivering you insights on whether essential branding features are clear and how they resonate with your intended customers. 


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Unseen is unsold Visual engagement correlates strongly with purchase.