Validate your native ads and placements and prove they outperform traditional display ads with real, visual insights.

Using Sticky’s eye tracking insights, native ad networks are showing clients the value of investing in native formats beyond limited viewability metrics by measuring users’ real visual engagement with ads.

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Know If They’re Actually Seen

Viewability can’t guarantee your ad will actually be seen, only that it can be seen. Sticky takes this a big step forward by showing what percent of users see the ad, for how long and in what order on a webpage.

“By allowing us to validate our improved results, Sticky's platorm helped us drive on average a 300% increase in campaign effectiveness.”

- Jean-Marc Pericone, Founder and President of Sublime Skinz

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Show Your Worth the Higher CPM

Using biometric data to provide definitive proof your ads will perform in-market makes it easy to command a higher CPM.

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Stay Competitive with Cutting Edge Research

InSkin, Gum-Gum, Sublime Skinz, and many other native ad networks are using Sticky’s state of the art research practices to win new clients and prove ROI.

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