Gain new revenue, acquire new clients, achieve efficiency and cut costs, all while gaining a competitive edge.

Sticky’s all-in-one biometric platform provides the only fast and affordable way to facilitate webcam based eye tracking and emotion analysis studies for behavioral market research.

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Fast and Accurate Biometric Data

Traditionally expensive and time-consuming eye tracking and facial coding studies can now be sent to participants anywhere in the world and generate results in hours.

“Nielsen has launched a solution which uses eye tracking technology to help marketers improve effectiveness of package and shelf design.”

- Andrew Somosi, EVP Product Research, Neilsen


All-In-One Research Lab

With eye tracking, facial coding, survey response, click data and so many more valuable metrics offered, Sticky’s platform can be used for a wide range of market research applications.

Powerful data@2x

Seamless Workflow Integration

Sticky easily fits into your existing research workflow by integrating with many of the major survey providers. 

Workflow Integration