Sticky uses eye tracking to identify what real people see

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How it Works


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We will upload your digital assets onto the Sticky platform where they will be stored safely in the cloud.

Real People

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Sticky will share your content with real people we have recruited for your experiment based on your requested demographics.


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Get a thorough, custom report showing how users really engage with your content.

Analyze Any Digital Asset

Any image, video, or website can be tested with the Sticky platform. Our team of researchers will setup and launch your study after consulting with you to determine the best study setup and methodology.

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Sent to Real People

Sticky isn't a predictive algorithm. We use real people and their gaze points to determine what users see and feel when viewing your assets. Webcams accurately track eye movements and micro expressions. Sticky leverages our panel network to provide the participants for studies.

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Dynamic Results

Results are analyzed and delivered within days of participants completing the study. Optimize your content based on real, actionable gaze data like percent seen, time to view, time viewing, aggregate heat maps, videos, and much more. You will be provided with a full report to guide you through the results along with a zip file with all of the study's raw data.

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Sticky’s technology operates on an auto-scaling, secure, and state-of-the-art cloud platform, giving study participants 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

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