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your advertising and branding.

Our advanced eye tracking technology provides actionable insights on consumer behavior that will help you stand out from the crowd.


See how it works


We help you discover the most effective way to influence consumers by utilizing advanced webcam-based eye tracking technology, tailored global online test panels and traditional questionnaires. Simply give us your packaging design or ad creative and we will deliver an easy to understand report on consumer attention - so you will know which design concepts to pursue and which ones to abandon. 

Quick, easy and accurate data on consumer attention

We take the guesswork out of producing a winning design.

Consumers are bombarded with ads and overwhelmed with choice. We help you get the information you need to see which packaging and ad designs work and understand how to more effectively influence shoppers’ decisions. Use this knowledge to save time and money in the early development phase of your packaging or online advertisements.


Find the right formula for success

Assess your brand’s impact at crucial touchpoints in the consumer journey. Compare designs and ads against your competitors’ offerings or run quick and iterative tests on new strategies.

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The tests we offer: 

Improve Packaging Effectiveness 

  • Win at the shelf  
  • Convert to buyers  
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Enhance Advertising Effectiveness 

  • Increase reach 
  • Optimize ad design  
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With Sticky you can test one, all, or a combination of these touchpoints with webcam eye tracking. We deliver an easy to understand report on each test which is founded on leading empirically evidenced behavioral research. It measures key performance indicators and consumer sentiment and gives advice on what works and what needs improvement. 

Tap into subconscious behavior with the power of eye tracking

With eye tracking you can see where your target consumers looked and what they missed - allowing you to take the guesswork out of deciding which creative or design features work and which don’t. Often consumers are influenced by factors even they themselves aren’t aware of. Perhaps they see a color, a word, or a sign for a split second but don’t consciously process the information which may in fact influence their decision. We help you hack customers attention.

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