Gain customer insights to build engaging campaigns and increase conversion.

Understand how your target market engages with your digital your ads, emails, websites and landing pages.

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Solutions for All Your Channels

Sticky’s complete digital optimization platform allows us to test your ads, websites, emails and videos using leading eye tracking and emotion analytics.

"Adding Visual Performance Research to all our digital campaigns is helping us to evaluate our marketing investments in a rapidly changing environment.”

- Krister Karjalainen, Head of Digital, Procter & Gamble Scandinavia

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Identify Optimization Opportunities

See how engaged your customers are with your media pre-launch, saving you time and money on expensive A/B tests. Sticky takes optimization of your ad creative to a whole new level.

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Follow Your Customer’s Journey

Sticky enables you to see the customer's entire journey from first impression to click. If you think about it, our eyes are the first "input" channel for all content. From our eyes, information travels to the brain, and then we instruct our hands to do clicks or scrolls as we engage with the content. Sticky measures the first point of engagement.

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