Optimizing Conversion Rate with Sticky: A Case Study

By: Sticky
on June 20, 2016

At Sticky we specialize in improving conversion rates with visual analytics.  So when Inbound.org recently ran a contest to improve their conversion rate, Sticky Enthusiast Brian Massey of Conversion Science presented an Inbound.org case study to show how anyone can improve their site with visual optimization.

Check out Brian's awesome study below. 

SeenMap Analysis

Brian started by talking about the SeenMap of Inbound’s landing page. Using this, he noticed that “not much happens at the bottom of the page,” and suggested this was because people focus on “Your Questions Get Answers” a third of the way down the page.

Survey Question Analysis

Next, he brought up the two question survey each panelist answered.

The first question was:

"What was the most important feature or benefit of the membership in making your decision?"

The most frequent answers were:

  • Number of other Marketers

  • Questions answered / Connecting with other marketers

  • Growing as a marketer

The second question was:

"What, if anything, made you almost not want to sign-up or complete the registration?"

The need for more information was frequently cited, but this may be a result of panel relevance. Beyond this, responses were all over the map: no privacy policy, the page was "boring" or "plain", too pushy by asking to sign up at the top, and "I don't want email clutter in my inbox."


Brian’s Recommendations Using Sticky’s Data

1. Remove, shorten, or move the screenshot in the upper portion of the page. It gets skipped.


2. Place a single-button call to action above the fold. The small form there might be too much too soon.

3. Move the "Your Questions Get Answered" and "How do I Maximize Quality Content Exposure?" sections up higher on the page. The videos show us that visitors get split between these two content directions.

4. Consider making the "Your Questions Get Answered" section the top offer.

5. Rewrite or remove the "Win Clients, Get Interviews..." copy and below. Maybe test breaking each of these into it's own section.

With Sticky, anyone can be a Conversion Scientist!

To see Brian’s complete answer, follow this link. You can sign up to start your own experiments here.


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