Our engineering and product teams have been extraordinarily busy over the past few months working on bringing you a slew of enhancements and new features on the Sticky platform. Thanks for giving us all the incredible feedback that has led to the continued imporvements to our platform. We're excited to continue to enhance Sticky so that it's even more easy and intuitive to create experiments that help you unravel how users interact with your digital content.

Here's what's new and updated.

  1. Redesign of the experiment creation flow:
    The entire experiment creation flow has been updated to match our new look 'n feel. When you kick off creating an experiment, you'll find the new flow better suited to each template type: email, video, ads, images, website, etc. In addition to being visually appealing, the   new flow also reduces the total steps required.

  2. New ways to get help:
    We've set up an extensive repository of help documents for you to use. The new help section allows you to browse this library of docs or use any of the other available methods to get in touch with us.

  3. Changes to the Areas of Interest (AOI) Editor:
    The AOI editor is getting some major upgrades!
    Some of the more significant one's are:
    1. Smaller sized AOIs with warnings: AOI's that are smaller than the recommended size now clearly display a warning.
    2. Upload new representation for webpage experiments
    3. Duplicate AOIs: You now have the ability to duplicate AOIs! If your experiment involves repeat AOIs, this will save you a ton of time when setting up.

  4. Custom calibration (in custom experiments):
    This feature allows you to put extra calibration phases between media on custom studies. This is helpful in situations when you have a longer study as it can result in higher usable rates. Note: if you do not add custom calibration, we automatically calibrate after any introductory survey questions or directions.

  5. Archive Experiments:
    You now have the ability to archive your experiments so that they don't show up in the grid of active experiments that you are working on. If you're like most of our customers and have a ton of active and draft experiments, this becomes quite handy to remove the clutter!



Features in Beta

The following features are in beta and are enabled for customers on a case by case basis.

To get access to beta features, please send us an email and include the following details:

  • Which beta feature you would like to have access to?
  • How will the feature be useful?
  1. Probabilistic AOI Stats:
    Areas of Interest (AOI) stats is a beta feature that uses a probabilistic model which takes into account the physical nature of webcam eye tracking. The model provides stable statistics while requiring fewer respondents.

  2. Advanced Audience Segmentation:
    This beta feature allows you to get advanced segmentation when selecting your panel. Segmentation requests are converted into "panel quote requests" that are received by our team. We price out our request and send you the per panelist cost. If you accept, your experiment is launched to the advanced panel that you selected.


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