Is Your Video Good or Bad? Look at its Emotional Signature!

By: Sticky
on August 10, 2016

You can tell if a video is good or bad, and predict how it will perform after release, by looking at its emotional signature. Analyze your viewers’ emotions before release to optimize performance.


Got Milk

got milk

The goal of this study was to understand what drove the success of this decades’ old ad. Looking at the overall emotional graph, you can see this is a good ad because: It starts high and ends high, and it ends with a different emotion than it started with (the viewer is engaged and undergoes a narrative shift). This graph is very unique because not only is it a perfect mirror image of two different emotions from the start to the end, but the two mirroring emotions are contradictory (sadness and joy), which indicates an engaging and emotionally intense story arc.



What do the emotions signify?





You can tell this is a bad video just by looking at the emotion graph because it starts high and ends low, and because Disgust is consistent throughout. Starting high and ending low indicates a drop in engagement; people are engaged at the start, but they lose interest by the end. And unless Disgust is an intended emotion, it is almost always a red flag that the video is bad.


What do the emotions signify?


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