According to a study by Nielsen in 2014, advertisers in the US spent nearly $2.5 Billion on ads during the holiday season and that number is sure to be bigger this year.  So for fun, we decided to run some Sticky eye tracking tests on the best Christmas ads from top brands around the world to see how they performed.  These ads were ranked by Webneel based on their creativity.  Let’s see if they got the best bang for their holiday buck!


As you can see in the heat maps above, attention is paid to the main imagery, but not necessarily to the logo or text. This suggests that viewers miss key branding and therefore are less likely to purchase.  However, does the focus on the imagery drive more brand engagement?  

Our survey questions reveal that it may.  41% of consumers liked the Coca-Cola ad the best, followed by Ikea with 19%.  In both ads the logo and messaging were missed, but the images clearly resonate, suggesting that it may be the images that drive brand recognition, and in this case, the imagery may be more powerful than the message and logo in driving holiday consumers. 

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