Our ProductHunt Win: Or, How a Troll Beat Homer Simpson

By: Sticky
on May 26, 2016

We ran ProductHunt.com through our system to see how users interact with the product discovery platform.  Our interest was personal - we launched our Insight & Audit product on ProductHunt this week.  We wanted to know how to become successful on a site driven by votes, comments, shares and views.  Essentially: How to become popular using visual engagement.

Our results gave us insights that can help you win on ProductHunt. 

Your Title Counts More Than Your Description

Optimizing your title is the best way to engage people who skim the site.  As you can see in the SeenMap below, users read the company/product name but missed the one line description.  


Companies higher on the page get more attention.

But if your icon is really engaging and dynamic, you can counteract that effect. Dad Jokes Bot was lower on the page, but with the Homer Simpson icon, they were able to capture all the attention lower in the page.  Users stared at the image and actually read the title. #thesimpsonsrock  


To reiterate how much icons matter, we did something crazy. We changed our company logo to an image of a Troll to see if it made a difference. The image of the Troll next to Homer changed the overall view pattern of the page. People no longer looked at Homer; the Troll NEUTRALIZED him.  #trollbeatshomer #doh

We finished our product launch day with over 400 votes and an amazing amount of feedback and support.  While we didn't take the number one spot, we were featured on the home page and finished strong thanks to visual insights.  Our Insight & Audit platform combines eye tracking, facial coding and emotion based methodologies to deliver powerful insights for visual engagement optimization.  

We would love to help you win on product hunt. If you make a free account, just ask support and we can help you optimize!

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