How to Predict Click-Through Rate with Visual Data

By: Sticky
on November 21, 2016

CTR (click-through rate) is a key performance indicator in the world of email marketing. Email marketers attempt to drive consumers to not only open emails, but to also click on relevant call to actions. The ability to do so is a strong indicator of the overall success or failure of an email marketing campaign.

This is what makes Sticky’s % SEEN metric so valuable. There is a direct correlation between % SEEN (what % of viewers saw an area) and action taken, allowing you to predict and improve CTR based on the % SEEN metric before launching a campaign.

seen metric

seen metric chart

In the example below, by simply enlarging the main call to action and moving it closer to the top of the email while more closely associating it with the main message, the SEEN percentage increased by 19%. The bright yellow color of the CTA button successfully contracts the dark blue background in the email, helping it to stand out from the other email elements in both templates.

The trifecta of size, real estate, and color puts the second iteration CTA in an ideal position to attract action from viewers of the email.



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