Happy Digital Optimizer Appreciation Day! Yes that’s right, we invented our very own holiday to show our appreciation for all the hardworking digital marketers who make content engaging, and keep us coming back for more. Today is a day to celebrate, learn, and well, optimize!

In honor of this brand new holiday we are releasing a Digital Optimization eGuideBook. This eGuideBook includes never before released insights on optimizing web, email, and videos based on eye tracking and emotion analytics using the Sticky platform.

Learn how to achieve:

  • 2X Brand Visibility on Websites
  • Predict Click-Through Rate on Emails
  • 2X Shares & Profits for Video using Emotions
  • And so much more!

sticky guide

With over half a billion gaze-points tested (and counting), you can expect these never published before insights to change the way you plan, execute and deliver content.

To get the guidebook, simply fill out the one-line form below and we will email it to you ASAP!

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