Email Marketing: How To Get Your Message Read in Half the Time

By: Sticky
on November 22, 2016

People can receive hundreds of emails a day, making it all the more crucial that an email contain short, digestible pieces of information to avoid being skimmed or skipped and deleted all together. One important way to accomplish this is to keep as much important messaging “above the fold” as possible, meaning above the point at which users have to scroll down to see more of the email.

That’s not to say we should be squeezing everything into a tiny space to avoid scrolling all together, but just like the first 5 seconds of a video, this is your opportunity to capture the attention of the reader before they make the decision to “skip” over your content.  Take advantage of it!

In this example, Uber Eats’ email campaign contained a lot of information including a menu of food options for delivery that week and associated descriptions. By removing superfluous text, enlarging the brand name, bringing the CTA up higher and condensing the menu options into engaging tiled images, the email was shortened by 66%, there was an 18% increase in brand exposure, 14% increase in SEEN percentage for the CTA, and almost 8 seconds less needed to view the entire email (15 seconds shortened to 7 seconds).

In the end, the second email iteration is a faster, more digestible read with condensed messaging and the main CTA in a more favorable, higher placement.


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