GIFs are everywhere. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that they are a staple of modern communication in a visual age. Why? Because they capture our attention.

For instance, did you watch the GIF before you read the text? We bet you did.

So what happens when we apply GIFs to email marketing campaigns?  Do they enhance the message or distract from it?  Or to put it in Shakespearean terms:

To GIF or Not to GIF

So we set up an A/B test comparing:

(A) Text Based Email w/GIF                                                      (B) Text Based Email w/o GIF



Our results showed nearly a 9X increase in reply rate with the email w/GIF vs. email without.  


Our survey questions also aligned with the increase in reply rate, with 20% more users stating that they were more likely to reply to the email with a GIF.



GIFs can increase visual engagement, and increase your reply rate. Always A/B test your email before launching, and when in doubt, put a GIF on it!

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