What People Really Think about the New Jon Bon Jovi DirecTV Commercial

By: Sticky
on June 20, 2016

Bon Jovi recently starred in a commercial for DirecTV’s new “72 Hour Rewind” feature, which allows users to watch their favorite shows even if they forgot to record them. The ad had celebrities, song, and a potentially offensive joke, so we decided to run it through our platform. Here’re three takeaways for what we found.

1. People Mostly Looked at Faces

This isn’t surprising, considering that the human brain is known to zone in on faces. People spent the vast majority of the spot looking at the actors’ faces.

However, Bon Jovi’s guitar stole some of the attention when he started strumming:


2. Surprise Peaked when Bon Jovi Showed Up

Using Sticky’s new emotion-coding software (still in beta), we were able to track the viewers’ emotions throughout the commercial. Their facial expressions were translated into emotional engagement, relaying the relative strengths of various emotions throughout.

Not surprisingly, surprise peaked when Bon Jovi appeared:

3. Joy Peaked After the Boy Disappeared

The slightly off-color joke I referred to earlier was actually very well-received. Bon Jovi rhymes: “And let’s go back and choose spicy instead of mild / And maybe reconsider having that second child.

Right after Bon Jovi sings these words, a boy scribbling on the wall vanishes, and the parents look relieved.


Shockingly, it's also at this moment that joy peaks. Stringent ethicists, be alarmed: America smiles when children disappear.

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