Land new clients, add new revenue and gain a competitive edge.

Sticky helps you make knowledgeable recommendations based upon leading eye tracking and emotion analytics data.

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What Can Your Agency do With Sticky?

Win New Clients
Prove to potential clients that your agency is ahead of the competition when it comes to quantitative research.

Make Knowledgeable Recommendations
Sticky’s Insight team can tell you which ads, landing pages, and videos are most engaging and why. 

Prove Brand ROI
Impressions and clicks are metrics of the past. Prove brand ROI with Sticky’s earned attention and engagement metrics.

“Advertisers have a limited time frame to capture attenion and from our perspective, images are the most viewed things on a web page. Our idea is to let the image do the heavy lifting.”

- Ophir Tanz, CEO, Gum Gum

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Expand Your Capabilities

Sticky can help you deliver better ROI for your clients.  Provide powerful insights on your clients websites, videos, and digital properties.  Our team helps you build trust and get the most out of every client relationship.

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Differentiate from the Competition

An influx of agencies, and increasingly high demands from clients make standing out from the crowd tough to do. By offering a unique metric for their success, you’ll be ahead of competing bids.

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