Enhance Advertising Effectiveness

Earn attention with the right ad design. Find out if your ad is truly noticed and how people engage with it. 


Increase reach

Your ad might be 100% viewable, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually seen. See how you can optimize your ad by testing how much visual attention it receives and how effective it is at triggering brand recall. A design that gains attention means a successful ROI instead of a wasted opportunity.


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Research suggests 85% of all ad impressions are never really seen - not knowing which ones fail and why equates to billions of wasted advertising dollars each year.

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Optimize ad design

Once it has earned attention, your ad needs to trigger the right emotion and spark action. This test delves into what elements of the ad are seen, and how they resonate with your audience allowing you to finetune your content and design for maximum impact.


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Even small design changes can earn you 3x more attention!