We measure the world visually, through your users’ eyes.

Understand what real people see and don't see when navigating your products and services using the power of eye tracking technology.


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An Accurate, Easy and Affordable Visual Measurement Platform

Sticky is the world’s only cloud-based, biometric eye tracking and emotion measurement platform. Our platform enables your team to fully optimize digital assets like website content, images, emails, ad creative, video's, and more to help you achieve the highest visual and emotional impact.

Current technologies measure direct action like clicks and mouse movements, leaving out 99.8% of the user experience.

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Powerful, Fast and Accurate Data

Sticky's innovative digital optimization platform makes it easy for marketers, agencies, market researchers, web designers, UX experts and other teams engaged in media creation to get real world, pre-launch feedback about how users see and engage with their content.

More than 700,000,000 gaze points recorded from 850,000+ user sessions!

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Data Driven Decisions

We provide detailed analysis and dynamic data visualizations that tell you if your content is seen and earning (and retaining) a user's attention. With this visual engagement and emotion analytics data, you are empowered to make informed decisions that increase ROI, conversion rates and optimize engagement.

Measuring what people see and feel predicts up to 70% - 90% of intent, inaction, and future action.

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All-in-One Researcher Platform

Sticky's digital optimization platform combines eye tracking, emotion analytics, survey responses and click data into one seamless and integrated report. You get the most comprehensive view of how a user engages with your content, from impression to click!

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